Nuovi continenti, nuovi orizzonti, nuove opportunità – Gli studenti internazionali di Relational Design

Cambiare non solo città ma anche continente per inseguire un sogno e cogliere nuove stimolanti opportunità: questa è la storia di Mirielle Esther Robles, architetto, arrivata in Italia da Panama per studiare Relational Design

Cambiare non solo città ma addirittura continente per inseguire i propri sogni e cogliere nuove opportunità: questa è la storia di Mirielle Esther Robles, architetto, volata da Panama a Milano per studiare Relational Design.

What brought you to Italy?
Being honest: my whole life dream, at first! I always wanted to come here just to be able to go around and learn the language. Then, the opportunity to work for an incredible project (999 domande) presented itself and it came with new professional experiences and an incredible team of people to work with, whom I can now call friends!
So far it’s been positively challenging: learning new things about the culture, the city, the people and being able to absorb it has made me a new person somehow. Milan is an amazing city! There is always something happening and as a design capital it keeps you always inspired!


What was your idea of the master before actually attending it and what do you think now that you’re at the end of the path?
At first, you focus yourself on the content or the topics of the workshops and modules but it’s only when you start to relate with the other students – and most importantly with the partners and companies you met in the process – that you discover the real thing: Relational Design is mostly about relationships and the people surrounding you and how much you can learn from them!


If you had to describe Relational Design in one word, what would it be?
It’s amazing how things change even from city to city (or even in between offices and work methodologies) and for me this is the best way to learn.


What was your favorite moment and why?
My favorite workshop in terms of activities was Creative Printing (Editoria Creativa: Analog vs. Digital) with Print Club Torino. And in terms of learning, Design for Urban and Social Innovation with PUSH in Palermo. But the thing I loved the most was being able to travel to a different city every month and to be able to discover it with my pals (and this is also what I miss the most now that it’s over!).


Has the master changed you in any way?
Yes! This experience had been a life-changing one, all of it!
After years of working properly on companies it hasn’t being easy to re-learn how to manage yourself in the way of discipline and time, and even now I’m still working on it which is good! Personally, I’m sure I’ll keep for the rest of my life the friendships that were born during this time, and this is unmeasurable!


Last but not least: what are you doing now or what are planning for the near future?
Thanks to the Master and the Erasmus+ Program I got an internship with Basurama in Madrid so I’m moving there soon! It is very exiting because I will get the opportunity to enlarge my professional experiences on a whole new level and I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t have been possible if I’d stayed back home in Panama.