A Master in Relational Design: modular, on the move, online and offline

A new edition of the Master in Relational Design will start in February 2018

Why Relational Design?

In the design world, the most important skills are the social ones: a relational network and personal inclinations. Often, these abilities are not developed in traditional learning. Learning to communicate and design for communities means using as a starting point ones own social skills and micro network, like that of this master.

We conceived a modular, on the move, online and offline Master to focus on the general principles of design and on the characteristics of an ever-changing world.

The teaching method facilitates online-offline exchanges among students and professors, simulating how communication occurs in a real-world working environment.


Nowadays there is a huge gap between the school and the labour market. They are two split realities in constant transformation. The goal of this master is to create a link between the designer’s training environment and the present labour market.

The Master in Relational Design is an ideal opportunity for who has studied design, communication, project management or for who wants to improve his or her relational and management skills.

Possible career opportunities (according to one’s basic competences): service designer, communication designer, project manager, product manager, brand manager, digital strategist, community specialist, experience designer, growth hacker.

Why is this Master different from the others?

8 modules online and offline.
Workshops in Milan, Turin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Catania and Palermo.

Basic learning

The Master is based on a range of fundamental courses that analyse the pillar subjects of design.
The teaching method combines traditional learning modalities with innovative practices: the traditional approach is always deepened and accompanied by new media’s social and digital applications.


Once the fundamentals are acquired, students start refining their skills through a range of given projects. “Real” projects to face the difficulties (and potentialities) of the labour market, uniting both the material and digital worlds.

Blended learning

Autonomous online learning is an added value when it comes to building skills and personal attitudes. In every module, within the Google Plus community, an ongoing dialogue takes place between the students and professors around the shared activities done at home.

Camp and Workshop

The modules consist of workshops with traditional lectures based in Italian and in European cities.
The Master ends with one-week camp: a practical lab to test what has been learned and strengthen the students’ potential.


At the end of the master, each student completes a traineeship with one of the partners or a company in line with his or her competences. The aim is to integrate students into the labour market.

On the move

Our learning proposal includes both online courses, traditional lectures and monthly workshops that allow our students to travel the world, being held in several different cities such as: Milan, Turin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome and Catania.

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