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A new edition of Relational Design Master will start in October 2017

About us


Abadir is a Fine Arts Academy founded in 1992 by private initiative. The Academy is legally recognized by Decree N° 277, 21.04.1993 and it issues, therefore, an Academic Diploma, equivalent to a First level Bachelor Degree. In October 2005 Abadir obtained by the former Ministry for Education, now MIUR – Ministry of Education and Research – the approval to restructure its educational programs and generate a new manifesto capable of creating a modern school with desirable effects in social and cultural context.
Abadir is a member of ELIA, the European Association of Academies of Art, which boasts more than 350 accredited members from 47 different countries.

In February 2014 Abadir launched the first edition of the Master in Relational Design.



IdLab is a Milan based company, that focuses its design work on the theme of education and great changes made possible by new media. The company creates complex designs blending innovative solutions and services that include aspects of aesthetics, communication, education, marketing and strategic consulting.
IdLab spawned from the Interaction Design Lab, which was in turn a Design Institute of Ivrea (IDII) spin-off.

IdLab has worked with numerous organizations and companies, including Banco Popolare, Bocconi University, Confindustria Ceramica, Centro Ricerche Fiat, Expo2015, Fiera Milano, Fondazione di Venezia, La Biennale di Venezia, Politecnico di Milano, Triennale.